My Pottery Journey - Where it all Began

I started pottery during lockdown 2.0 here in the UK. I had been working as a blogger and conscious lifestyle influencer for four years and when the pandemic hit, work seemed to come to an almost immediate halt. 

I wasn't mad about it and if I'm being honest I actually was really relieved I was able to spend time not being in front of a camera  every other day. 

Life seemed to slow down tremendously, and living in a new country during such a wild time I started to turn inward and reflect on my life, what I wanted to do moving forward and so on. 

Pottery was something I always wanted to try and my sister who had been obsessively involved in it years before me always suggested I give it a go. 

Finally during the in-between of lockdowns I decided to take my friend for a birthday lesson in pottery and instantly fell in love. 

I ended up going back for another couple lessons and then lockdown 2.0 hit and everything was shut down. 

That wasn't going to stop me though so I went online and did a bunch of research to see what I would need to get a little workstation set up in my home. 

We have a beautiful and bright conservatory in our terrace house which has acted as the perfect location for my continually growing workstation. 

I bought myself a wheel, some tools and clay and have been off on my own watching youtube videos teaching myself the rest of the way. 

I've enjoyed is so far and am so happy it's been able to pull be through such a slow, and restricted time of life. 

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  • Everything you make is soooo beautiful ❤️Glad you (finally) picked it up😉

    • Leash